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Why VHT?

In the discerning Japanese market, renowned for its uncompromising stance on quality, only VHT processed mangoes from around the globe are embraced. Friday Foods proudly stands as the latest addition to Pakistan's three VHT processing plants, solidifying our unrivaled competitive edge in this demanding market, where VHT is performed under the direct supervision of Japanese Quarantine Inspectors of MAFF, deputed by the Government of Japan. 

Our dedication to meeting Japan's stringent quality standards underscores our unwavering commitment to quality. With unwavering confidence, we uphold our promise of excellence, ensuring that every mango that leaves our facility is of unparalleled quality, meeting the exacting criteria of the Japanese market.

Know more about VHT

Vapor Heat Treatment (VHT) for mangoes is a specialized post-harvest technique designed to eliminate eggs and larvae of pests and pathogens parasitizing inside the fruit while preserving fruit quality. In this process, mangoes are subjected to high-temperature water vapors in a controlled environment, first raising the temperature to 47.1°C in 2.5 hours and then holding the temperature of 47.1°C for 30 minutes. The heat effectively penetrates the fruit, reaching areas where pests may reside, such as larvae or eggs, without causing damage to the mango itself. VHT serves as an alternative to chemical fumigation, offering a more environmentally friendly and residue-free method of pest control. Moreover, VHT helps extend the shelf life of mangoes by reducing microbial activity and delaying ripening. This technique is particularly crucial for mango exports, as it ensures compliance with international phytosanitary regulations and meets the inflexible quality standards of importing countries, such as Japan and South Korea. With its proven efficacy in pest control and preservation of fruit quality, VHT has become a cornerstone of the mango industry, enabling producers to access lucrative international market while safeguarding consumer health and satisfaction.

About Friday Foods Company Private Limited

Friday Foods Company Private Limited, situated in M-3 Industrial City, FIEDMC, is renowned as a dedicated specialist in mango processing, utilizing Vapor Heat Treatment (VHT) to ensure top-tier quality for export to esteemed international markets including Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Japan, Maldives, UK, Malaysia, and South Korea. Friday Foods' VHT process operates under the vigilant supervision of Japanese Quarantine Inspectors, appointed directly by the Japanese government, affirming their steadfast commitment to meeting the rigorous quality standards of the Japanese market.


In the discerning Japanese market, distinguished for its unwavering emphasis on quality, only VHT-processed mangoes from around the globe find favor. Friday Foods Company takes pride in its status as one of Pakistan's three VHT processing plants, affording it a competitive edge in this exacting market.


Friday Foods' mango processing approach seamlessly integrates cultural, mechanical, and chemical practices to ensure unparalleled quality. Meticulous steps include the removal of malformed panicles, utilization of sticky bands for mealybug control, and precise application of fungicidal and insecticidal sprays. Their orchards strictly adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), with several holding certifications for export under global GAP standards. Stringent protocols, encompassing mango maturity testing, skin color assessment, ripening procedures, and adherence to international export guidelines, guarantee the consistent delivery of premium produce to their customers.


At Friday Foods Company, quality is not merely a goal; it is their ethos. Friday Foods' recent exclusive partnership with Ottogi Corporation, a globally recognized food manufacturer, further underscores its commitment to excellence. This collaboration grants Friday Foods the exclusive right to import Ottogi products, certified HALAL, into Pakistan, marking a significant milestone in their journey. This achievement solidifies Friday Foods' reputation as a serious, quality-conscious business entity, authorized as the sole importer to introduce Ottogi's highly acclaimed products to Pakistan. Through their unwavering dedication to quality and professionalism, Friday Foods stands prepared to meet the diverse needs of their customers and deliver food products of unparalleled excellence.

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